Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lomic Guitars really 100% hand-made?

YES! No CNC and only a select few router templates are used. Every neck and body is cut and shaped one at a time using common tools. It is labor intensive and much more difficult, but the results are worth it.

So handmade means perfect, right?

Haha! NO. Every handmade guitar ends up slightly different, and yes - that includes minor imperfections here and there. That is part of the charm of handmade items.

What’s with the bevels?

The 45 degree edge bevel not only looks stylish, but works as a forearm, belly, and upper fret access cutaway.

I like your guitars, but want something slightly different.

Awesome! One of our founding concepts is that no one should get what they MOSTLY want. It’s our pet peeve. Every major guitar company seems to make guitars that are just one or two details away from perfection. We’re flexible enough to give you EXACTLY what you want. See our Custom Shop page for more info.

I only want an unfinished guitar/neck/etc. Is that ok?


Heck yeah! We love when people save us work. Contact us for a quote.

Where is Lomic Guitars located and can I visit?


We are in Aurora, IL (Wayne’s World!) but are not open to the public.